If 2010 was my year to break into the music industry then 2011 was definitely the year for solidifying my name as a Top DJ on the West Coast. 2012 would just be even bigger than that. My plan was to rethink my approach & “cut out the middle man” so to say. Usually I’d sit at home & wait for a promoter to contact me to be booked for an event. In 2012 my plan would be to get a direct contact to the venue & promote my own events. This would help me get more regular gigs at the same time while still working for Sean Healy dj’ing concerts. My plan would be to build a party in the Bay Area & build my name along with it. If I can gain enough respect at home so much people here about my events/parties outside of my area it would be way easier to be recognized &/or booked outside of my area. I love to travel & I want dj’ing to bring that back into my life.  

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