This blog is a testament to anyone who wants to do anything they’ve seen themselves doing only when they are asleep. What that means is this: Follow Your Dreams! Can’t say that enough. I don’t care if your three years of age or ninety-three. We all dream. My whole life I never wanted to earn a living sitting behind a desk. My mother spent her whole life working for Wells Fargo behind a desk. I wonder if she had a dream she wanted to chase that she set aside for a more practical & “safe” way to live. She always says, “Sitting behind that desk put you through school, kept clothes on your back & a roof over your head.” This is true and I am very grateful but…Is that all its about??? I often think to myself I never want to work a practical nine to five just to support a small apartment I’m never at because I’m always slaving away at the job to keep it. What’s life if you never get to live & enjoy it? Anyway back to the story. So this last time I dj’d at Otis Lounge the Gods had to be smiling on me that night. If you scroll back & check out the She Wolves Nation’s flyer you notice another dj on the bill above my name, dj jada. She was scheduled to start the night off & I would come & close the night out. When I arrived at Otis and went upstairs to where the dj booth was I noticed no laptop Jada was spinning strictly vinyl records all night. I instantly knew we would be friends lol. We’d exchange contact info & I would later find out she was an agent that managed models/talent at a firm called Scout Model & Talent Agency. Also in the same night I met a guy jamming to my music I was playing who would eventually handed me a business card. Looking at the card it said Levi’s which I thought was crazy because I used to work at the flagship store in San Francisco. On second glance I read his title: Global Design Director. This was a blessing because since I hadn’t worked at Levi’s in a while I was looking to re-connect with the brand & this was like a door opening.

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